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Time to build a new BATMOBILE! We are working to help our favorite super hero obtain a new ride. The current car has been good but will need replaced in the next couple years. Time to build a new one.

Hanifen Towing.png

This is the time of year to check and see if your car is ready for Winter. Plenty of time to look it over and make sure everything is ready to store. Last of car shows and get togethers coming to an end.


These intakes are wild! The more we work with our design the more we realize how much potential it has. Can't wait to share more. Stay tuned! BACK-FIRE video is next!

This event was absolutely amazing! What a weekend of fun for everyone with a 348-409 engine. 


What a spectacular show it was for 2023.
"The Art of the Car" was on full display with the added benefit of raising money for Children's Cancer Connection. The rain even held off until the end.
See everyone next year!

SUNDAY September 8th
Planning for 2024 already.
See everyone there!

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